creating learning opportunity
through credit


SEEC is a registered charity committed to supporting student mobility and creating learning opportunities through the use of academic credit.  More About SEEC.

We do this by providing events and networking opportunities to facilitate the sharing of best practice and new developments. We publish resources for the benefit of our membership and the wider community, notably the SEEC Credit Level Descriptors. We also provide a signposting service for learners looking for information on credit.

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If you are interested in the power of learning to enhance and transform individual lives, working practices and wider society, then you should be interested in credit. Despite the basic architecture for credit recognition being available for many years, there are still significant barriers to its coherent implementation which limit access to higher education. SEEC has a mission to promote learning opportunity through credit and operates as a source of expertise and a focus for the development of best practice towards the achievement of this goal.

Dr Darryll Bravenboer PFHEA, Director of Apprenticeships and Skills, Middlesex University

Membership of SEEC enables UWL to remain current and informed regarding the practices surrounding student access to HE through the use of prior learning and/or credit transfer from a range of contexts. Network opportunities with other member HEIs also enables debate and discussion regarding future credit strategies and the sharing of good practice.

Debbie Sawyer, (formerly) Deputy Head of Quality Assurance, Chair - University Accreditation Committee, UWL

Being a member of SEEC is incredibly valuable for the OU. We do a huge amount of credit transfer and are often seen as leaders in the field but there is still so much to be done in the sector to get a level playing field for learners. Joining our voice with other like-minded institutions enables us to get more public attention on the benefits of credit recognition than we ever could alone.

Dr Liz Marr, Director of Teaching, Learning and Teaching Innovation, The Open University